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OUaT meme} eight outfits 
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swan queen meme:

[1/1] favorite episode: desperate souls

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Regina Mills appreciation week, Day 2 → favourite scene: 03x11 Going Home
I loved this scene because the first half of season 3, even though frustrating at times, was all about Regina’s development. She was growing, changing and evolving, and this is where it all comes together. She selflessly sacrifices her own happiness for her son’s future with a woman she’s been fighting for so long. This is where she puts someone else’s happiness first, and this rather obviously echoes with her line in The Thing You Love Most: “Since when do I care about anyone else’s happiness but mine?”, as well as her Pilot quote “My gift to you is this happy, happy day.” which in turn also echoes with this episode’s My gift to you is good memories, good life for you and Henry" quote. These are both very obvious but I feel like this is what her character development should be about. This in my opinion is one of her defining moments. If I have to pick just one sene - this is it.

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i’m laughing SO hard right now omfg Lana


i’m laughing SO hard right now omfg Lana

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